2022-2023 Class Schedules

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2021-2022 Religious
Education - FAQ’s

What are our learning options this year?

  • We are planning on having in person classes this autumn.  You may choose from Sunday 8:45am – 9:45am; Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday 4:00pm – 5:00pm.
  • We are also offering a homeschool option.  This program will be different from years past, students and parents will be asked to sign an agreement stating that they will complete the lessons on a weekly basis and submit them to Danielle Sibilia at directorreligioused@starcc.com
  • At this time, we are not offering a remote or zoom option.

What is the tuition for this year?

  • 1 child = $325
  • 2 children = $450
  • 3 or more children = $575
  • Homeschool = $25 per child

What safety measures are we taking?

  • We will be following all Diocese of Bridgeport safety guidelines.  Specific details will be communicated to parents prior to the start of classes.

What if I don’t remember my username?

What if I don’t remember my password?

  • You can request a reset on the Parishsoft website using your username.

Can I register in person?

  • No, registration is done online only, but we are happy to walk you through it if you have difficulty following the online instructions or don’t have access to a computer.

What happens if I select a day at the time I register and then I find out my child has an extracurricular activity on that day?

What impact will the change in school start time have to our program?

  • We are aware that the public schools of New Canaan might change the school start time midyear.  Our program times will not change.

Will I be able to change my child’s day if the school start time change midyear?

  • No.  Classes are assigned at the beginning of the school year and will not be altered.

Does St. Aloysius offer transportation from school to Religious Education classes?

  • We are not involved in the coordination of transportation.  You must reach out to your individual elementary school to find out who the parent coordinator for your school is. 

What are the steps to register?

  • Check the parish website under Religious Education online registration.

Do I have to pay tuition at the time I register?

  • Yes.

If my child was baptized at St. Aloysius do you need their baptismal certificate?

  • No, only students who were baptized at another parish, not at St. Aloysius need to provide us with a copy of their baptismal certificate.

My child is in 8th grade do I still have to register them even though they were assigned in 7th grade to a Catechist and a day?

  • Yes, all students must be registered in our system regardless of grade.

We missed a year or more of Religious Education what do we do?

  • Religious Education starts in grade 1. If your child has missed that grade and they are currently going into 2nd grade, please sign them up for 1st grade Religious Education.
  • If you do not fall into the 1st grade category above, please email Danielle at directorreligioused@starcc.com or call 203-652-1171.