2021 - 2022 Religious Education Welcome Letter

Welcome to the new Rligious Education School Year! 
If you signed up for in person classes the class assignments were emailed out Friday, Sept 3rd.  The below is the template of the letter you all received.  If you did not receive an email from Danielle at Directorreligioused@starcc.com check your spam first then email her.



September 2, 2021

St. Aloysius Religious Education Families,
Welcome to the start of a new year. Please read this letter in its entirety as it has important information that you need to know for the upcoming year and our first day of classes. Your son/daughter has been assigned to Your child’s class assignment was inserted here for the 2021-2022 Religious Education year.

Please bring this letter with you on the first day of classes.

Going forward all my communications will come from the Mailchimp platform.

Please either click this link to subscribe or scan this QR code: 


If you click the link and you find out you’re already subscribed I would greatly appreciate it if you could please update your information. If you do not subscribe you will miss all my communications.

Please report to the location listed below based on the day your son/daughter has been assigned a class:

Sunday, Sept 26th -St. Aloysius Gym
Monday, Sept 27th - St. Aloysius Church
Tuesday, Sept 28th - St. Aloysius Church
Wednesday, Sept 29th - St. Aloysius Church

When you arrive on the first day please find the designated area that has your child’s Catechist’s name and grade. You are asked to sit with your class for our introduction and prayer. Classes will be dismissed to their rooms. Parents are asked to remain in the Church, as Father Rob, Father David and myself would like to introduce ourselves and we can answer any questions you have.

Class Times:
Sunday classes meet at 8:45am to 9:45am.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday classes meet at 4:00pm to 5:00pm.

Class schedules can be found by clicking here.

Arrival & Dismissal:
Parents are not allowed in the school building for pick up or drop off. The only people allowed in the building will be Religious Education staff, catechists, students and our security staff. At drop off parents can walk their children to the entrance and you will be greeted by a staff member who will let your child into the building. Prior to classes starting, you will find a map on our website for instructions regarding pick up.

Please also fill out the dismissal authorization form for your child. (Grades 1 through 4 have a different form than 5th or 6th graders). The forms are all located on our website www.starcc.com. Please complete these forms prior to the first class and have your child bring it with them.

We will be following the same directives as New Canaan Public Schools which means we will be wearing masks in class. If and when things change we will send out a notification.

We are not allowed to have food in the classrooms this year. Therefore, your child should enjoy their snack before they arrive to class.

Allergies & Epi Pens:
If your child has severe allergies and requires an Epi pen please make sure you inform us and their Catechist.

We allow 5 excused absences. Anything over that your child will have to make up the work that was missed.

We ask you to keep your child at home if they have a fever of 100 or higher, vomiting, COVID, cold and/or flu like symptoms. The same rules that apply in the New Canaan public schools apply for our Religious Education classes. If your child doesn’t feel well please keep them home.

We follow the New Canaan Public schools and emergency procedures. If school is canceled then our classes are cancelled as well. If school has an early dismissal due to bad weather or after-school activities are cancelled our classes will be cancelled. If you are uncertain about whether classes are on or off, you can always check our website, Channel 12 news or Channel 3 WFSB.

We are looking forward to a wonderful year with you and your children. If you have any questions throughout the year we are always available.


Danielle Sibilia
Director Religious Education Grades 1 - 6 St. Aloysius Church