Religious Education News & Updates

Dear Religious Education Families,

With the recent news that schools will be closed until April 20th, we have decided to move the rest of our program online.  During these difficult times in our lives we need God and our Faith more than ever.  Therefore, in conjunction with our Sunday Masses, which are pre-recorded and available on our Parish website by 7am Sunday morning, we are encouraging you to take an hour out of your week and use Pflaum’s Gospel Weeklies to bring Faith Formation into your home with your family.  

I’d encourage you to first familiarize yourself with the program, by watching this online Youtube Video titled: How Parents Can Teach Pflaum Gospel Weeklies at Home During COVID-19 Parish and School Closures  It will show you how to best utilize the materials each week in preparation for Sunday Mass.  

Below are all the details on how you can access this program free from now through May 10th.  

Here is what you need to know: 

1.      For the password for free access to the website and the Gospel Weeklies lessons please email  You must be a parishioner of our Parish and/or enrolled in our religious education program to request the password.

2.      Go to

3.      Click “Log In” in the upper right corner

4.      Type in your email address and password where it says “Already registered? Login below” 

5.      Click “Log In”

We are sharing this with you and ask that you kindly do not share it with other Parishes or schools as this code is specific for St. Aloysius Parish.  

Once you're logged in you will find many different programs to choose from. There is something for all ages.  Below is the breakdown of the programs and grade levels they correspond to.

Seeds – Preschool

Promise – Grades K through 1

Good News – Grades 2 through 3

Venture – Grades 4 through 6

Visions – Grades 7 through 9

In addition to the above resource you can also access for free via RCL Benziger (The Order of the Mass and the Act of Spiritual Communion).  These are a great reference to help your child follow along with Mass while watching it remotely from home and teaching them even though we cannot physically receive the Eucharist at this time we can pray to receive Jesus spiritually into our hearts.  Click here for the link to this resource.  

We pray together for those who are ill, for a cure to this virus and to bring back normality to all. 

Blessings to all; be safe and healthy.

Danielle Sibilia
St. Aloysius Parish
Director of Religious Education