Men's Ministry



Resources for Individuals

Re-Energize the Church in America, Matthew Kelly

Formed - St A’s owns this, great content on-demand video, audio, books (register for this)

Steubenville Conferences - Adult conferences, top Catholic scholars, priests, and topic experts

Catholic Vote - Political and cultural views on current events

Augustine Institute - Authoritative Catholic content - Runs catholic answers, best Q&A site around

Catholic Gentleman - Clever men’s perspectives

Relevant Radio - streaming audio, mostly talk, all catholic​​​​​​​

Notre Dame - Daily access to gospel and reflection

USCCB - Everything official

TOB Institute - Theology Of the Body Institute

Covent of St Birgitta - Local retreat in Darien, run by consecrated women

Paradisus Dei - Daily prayer, apps conferences, retreats, This Man is You program 

Contemplative Outreach - Fr. Thomas Keating

Bishop Robert Barron

Resources for Groups