Clergy & Staff

Parish Clergy Phone Email
Rev. Robert Kinnally, Pastor 203-652-1150 Email
Rev. Cyrus M. Bartolome, Parochial Vicar 203-652-1155 Email
Rev. Ignacio Ortigas, Parochial Vicar 203-652-1151 Email
Rev. Robert Uzzilio, In Residence    
Deacon Steve Pond 203-652-1158 Email
Deacon William Santulli 203-652-1157 Email
Sr. Donna Brodman, O.P., Pastoral Visitor 203-652-1141 Email
Parish Office & Administration     
Business Manager, Mr. Jerry Murray 203-652-1153 Email
Director of Youth & Family Ministry, Mrs. Chris Otis 203-652-1154 Email
Pastoral Assistant for Administration, Mr. John Palma 203-652-1140 Email
Willie Roeder, Facilities 203-652-1147 Email
Religious Education    
Director, Mrs. Jennifer Joyce 203-652-1170 Email
Grade Level Coordinator, Mrs. Kathleen Redman 203-652-1171 Email
Confirmation Coordinator, Mrs. Marie Osterndorf 203-652-1173 Email
Music Ministry    
Director, Dr. John Michniewicz 203-652-1180 Email
Co-Directrors for Youth Choir, Nancy Leville & Becky Doyon 203-652-1182 Email
5 PM Sunday Choir, Dr. John Michniewicz, Director    



We welcome your call or email to any member of our parish staff. Or if you prefer, you may contact us using our online Contact Form. Your email will be directed to the staff member who can help you.